Urban Fashion Photography – Nicole

This is one of the coolest urban fashion photography sessions I have done to date. Nicole is this amazing person with a huge collection of dresses. I saw her story on Instagram one day of two dresses she got that were worth $1000, but she only paid $20 for each of them at this fun little dress shop along Wilmington Road in New Castle, Pennsylvania called A Grand Day. Absolutely stunning! Low and behold, I could not help but ask if we could totally get together and do some photos of one of these gorgeous dresses. She said yes! So, we made our way out to the South Side of Pittsburgh and had our own fashion photoshoot.

The Hot Metal Bridge is an iconic Pittsburgh steel bridge located on the South Side area of Pittsburgh that makes a great backdrop to any kind of photoshoot. This is one of many bridges you will be seeing from me as we make our way through my special “Steel City Bridge Fashion” project. Stay tuned for more content coming real soon! Not just Nicole will be making a special appearance on the blog.

Fun Fact: Nicole collects dresses and I’m living for them! These were the results. She is not just a fashion designer, but also a cosplayer. She has done cosplays for Batgirl, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zelda and Link, K/DA, Aloy, Spiderverse, and so many more. Nicole even does commission work for anyone who needs cosplay help. If you would like to see more of her work, please see all that she does here on her media page. She does so much more than just urban fashion photography and I highly recommend checking her out!

Have an outfit you’re dying to show off? Want to do a Self-Care Photoshoot? Want to do some urban street photography with me? Let’s do the thing! Sent an inquiry through my Contact page and we will make it happen!


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